Club Rules

1.            Academy of Model Aeronautics safety rules shall be followed.

2.           Operation of model aircraft at the Air Park or in a club-sponsored event is restricted to members in good standing of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and invited guests.   Pilots who are not club members may operate model aircraft only when a club member is present at the Air Park.

3.           Any pilot having other than a 2.4 MHz radio system on the premises must post his/her AMA card on the frequency board.

4.           No flying behind the flight line.

5.           Engine break-in running shall not be conducted in the pit area or flying areas.

6.           Any pilot may declare an emergency (including dead stick) by voice.  Once declared, he has right-of-way over all craft under power. There will be no take-offs or landings until he lands or the emergency is terminated.  Remove your aircraft, gear, and your person from the landing area with no delay.

 7.            Safety thongs shall be required for all control line flying except as specified by Academy of Model Aeronautics rules.

 8.            Receptacles are provided for trash.  You are expected to use them.  Trash is anything that didn’t grow here.

 9.            Charcoal, in a suitable cooking device, is permitted.  Do not dump hot embers.

10.           No lighting of flares, open fires, or burning of trash is permitted.

11.           You are responsible for any and all actions by yourself, your guests, and by your children.  This includes damage to property including aircraft and equipment.  Any question of value of goods damaged or destroyed, may in the event of dispute, be resolved by a committee appointed by the president for the occasion.

12.            Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at the field.

13.            Use good common sense when flying.

14.            Any animal brought to the flying field must be kept on a leash and in your personal control.  Leashed does not mean tethered for clarification.  If your pet deposits waste in the flight or walking areas then it is anticipated you clean it up as you would in any other common area.

Revised  11/28/2015


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