The Paducah Aero Modelers Club was formed in 1960 by a small group of flying enthusiasts who wished to promote airplane flying hobbies.

The Paducah Aero Modelers is composed of pilots, salesmen, engineers, doctors, plant workers, teachers, retirees, and students of all ages and backgrounds. The group builds and flies radio-controlled, free-flight, and control line models in both sport flying and competition events, and one has held the national record of flight duration with a plane of his own design. Four of our members have had their original model designs published in national and
international magazines.

Two members are currently having their model designs produced as kits to be built by others. Several of our members travel extensively to compete in model airplane contests in places like Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Birmingham, Tucson, St. Louis, and Toledo.

In the year 2000, the National Fun Fly Championship competition was held at our club flying field on Country Park Road, and competitors came from many of our eastern states.

We derive much relaxation and satisfaction through model building. It molds personalities, teaches discipline and patience, and creates the desire to achieve worthwhile goals. Our organization teaches this to young people. It is a very worthwhile alternative to drugs and alcohol, and there is a tremendous difference in the end result!